• Raising funds just got a lot more efficient

    Activistic’s micro donation technology makes giving accessible to everyone. Your charity can leverage the power of raising funds on a national scale with no hassle. It’s modern, simple and affordable giving.

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    No bank details
    No hassle
    Just simple giving

    Activistic’s charity apps are a massive leap forward in the world of giving. By removing the need to register with a credit card or set up a direct debit, we’ve made it simple for people to support your charity. Plus, we commit to keeping all donor information private.

    How our charity apps work

    To lower the barriers to giving, Activistic has pioneered an innovative micro donation platform. These micro donations are combined thanks to our groundbreaking partnerships with the big telcos.

    Donations are then distributed via a fully audited process, with a minimum of 85% guaranteed to reach your charity. Crucially donors’ details remain private to ensure they can confidently give without ever feeling harassed.

    The Donation Process


    Supporters download your custom-branded app from Google Play or the App Store.


    Supporters enter their name, phone number, charity to support and how much to give.


    Their donation is confirmed and appears monthly on their phone bill.


    Supporters can share their donation and tell friends about the difference this new way to give is making.

    Design and

    At the heart our work is a belief that we can make the world a better place. That commitment extends to partnering with charities like yours to build custom-brand apps. The finished product is custom designed to suit your branding needs and incredibly simple for your donors to use.

    Getting to market quickly and efficiently

    Typically, the development of an app takes many, many months’ work. But because the base technology is already in place, creating a version for your charities can take as little as 16 weeks.

    8 weeks

    Develop creative
    implement and test

    3 weeks

    App stores approvals
    and loading

    3 weeks

    Beta testing
    and fixes

    2 weeks

    Marketing material

    LEVERAGING our telco partnerships

    To deliver the simplicity of a credit-card free solution, Activistic has partnered with aggregation
    and telecommunication companies to have donations added to supporters’ phone bills. It’s
    an ingenious idea that sets our apps apart and means anyone with a smartphone can give.