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    Veterans Call, powered by our unique micro-donation app technology, helps Americans support the philanthropies that work to improve the lives of war veterans.

    A smartphone app for iOS and Android, Veterans Call is the platform for people to easily find, connect with and contribute in a meaningful way to leading veterans’ organisations.

    Users simply log in and make a donation to the listed charity they would like to support. Contributions can be as little as $5 and are automatically added to donor’s cell phone bills.

    Veterans Call also allows Americans to stay connected to charities so they can see the impact of their contribution on the lives of veterans.

    See how Veterans Call is unlocking the power of micro-donations

    Activistic’s smartphone apps have the ability to solve complex social problems by making it easy and fun for people to donate to worthy causes. We created an animated video that both describes the idea and empowers the viewer.

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    Our selfless war veterans put themselves in harm’s way to promote freedom and protect our way of life. Upon return, their needs can be complex and unseen. See how Veterans Call can help you make sure no one gets left behind.

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