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    Activistic Limited is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) with the issuer code ACU. Activistic is committed to keeping its shareholders informed in what is an exciting and dynamic time for the company. At this central resource for shareholders, you can find Activistic’s current share price, announcements, other disclosures and board composition.


    ASX Announcements & Investor Releases

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    Investor Presentation

    Activistic is undergoing rapid and dynamic transformation as products are released into the marketplace, new partner agreements are initiated and consumer uptake grows. During this exciting time, it is the company’s intention to keep stakeholders regularly updated with its activities, financial position and projections.



    Nigel Lee
    Executive Chairman – Activistic Holdings

    Nigel previously worked at American Express and has significant experience with mobile payment, credit card and e-commerce companies. "Philanthropy is a big word but most charity is small and personal. This is why a platform like Activistic must exist. I am excited and proud to be part of what we are doing.


    Peter Wall
    Nigel Lee
    Executive Chairman
    Evan Cross
    Director of Finance
    Jonathan Fassberg
    Advisory Board
    John Zaccaria
    Advisory Board
    Howard Lake
    Advisory Board

    Corporate Governance

    Activistic creates products that are designed solely to benefit humanity. Carrying out this role to best effect means the board is deeply conscious of the need to develop a strong and robust company. To that end, the board has authored a governance statement that commits it to manage, protect and enhance shareholder value, and rigorously comply with practices that uphold and advance the reputation of the company.

    Statement Plan