• Technology with purpose

    Through technology and innovation, Activistic exists to unite those who have a need with those who feel the need to help.

    At the core of our business is a fundamental sense of social responsibility. It is our goal to leave the world a better place than we found it.

    What we're here to do

    Activistic wants to make a difference. We care deeply about the future and, like you, often despair at the inequitable distribution of wealth and opportunity across the globe. Our solution allows even the smallest donation to make a difference.

    At Activistic, we are convinced that when people band together, they can achieve incredible things. All that’s required is the vehicle for change. And that’s where we come in.

    The Activistic story

    In 2014, socially aware entrepreneurs founded Activistic with an idea to use smartphones and crowdfunding for good.

    With the support of app developers and mobile account experts, Activistic has created a payments platform that is accessible, cost effective and fun to use for the thousands-upon-thousands of caring people who are donating with one of our apps.

    The result is the first recurring method of giving with no need for bank or credit card details. This powerful technology is a 21st Century solution that evolves and significantly improves upon text giving.